Checklist/Best Practices moving to production environment [Repost]

[Apologies for reposting - Moving to erpnext category was disabled for earlier post ]

What are the best practices to follow before making an environment a production environment.

Has anyone developed a checklist? Could you share your experience?

(I know the commands to make environment a production environment)

Thank you.

I see following are two tasks.

  1. Verify production server hardware requirements checklist
  2. Check for DNS Entries/Mappings
  3. Check for SSL Cert Settings
  4. Check/Prepare …
  5. Check/Prepare …
  6. Check/Prepare … (Based on ErpNext feature implementations)
  7. Check/Prepare … (Based on Frappe/Custom Module feature implementations)

Please share your experience on the task of “moving a bench/site to production environment”

@rmehta, @nabinhait

If ErpNext version 13 stable release has checklists for such transitions/major activities as a documents part, it will be appreciated. Checklists will enhance the faster adaption as it will provide a standard approach.

  • Technical Aspect Checklists [ For Implementers ]
  • User Aspect Checklists [ For Application Users ]

Following url is useful to identify the list for administrator user activities.

Life Phase