Cheking provider invoice number uniqueness

Hi, under erpnext v7.0 when we activate “Check Supplier Invoice Number Uniqueness”, we are not able to add any invoice that has the same number of any other provider already on the system. I.E we currently have provider A with purchase invoice number 234, we cannot add a new purchase invoice to provider B with number 234.

Thats the way the feature is supposed to work. Does de-activation work?

I think that perhaps, the uniqueness should be tested as a combination of the Vendor Name and the Invoice Number as there’s no way to enforce that two unique vendors don’t use the same invoice number.


I agree with Chude, we have several providers that share the same invoice number in some of their invoices. As we see it the system should compare both “supplier_name” field and “Supplier invoice number” uniqueness, not only the “supplier invoice number” field.

And, yes, de-activating this option, does allow us to enter the invoice, but since there are several people adding invoices to the system, sometimes an invoice is entered twice, and we need to run a post process under excel to check for duplicates.


Hi rmehta,
would you consider making the test that considers two fields, either supplier
name or other custom supplier Field, together with the invoice number? This
would be really nice because, we have multiple cases where different suppliers
have on some opportunities same invoice numbers.

I agree, the bill no should be unique for any specific supplier. Can you please create an github issue?

Hello! @nabinhait and @rmehta ! I make a query on this topic, when I upgrade erpnext from the v7.1.0-beta version to the current one today, it throws me error saying that the Supplier Invoice No is not unique.

Bill_no field can not be set as unique in tabPurchase Invoice`

This is obvious since I have distilled the option “Check single invoice number per supplier” in configurations.

So by default I should want to tick the option.

Any suggestions on this?

Thank you!