Cheque Deposit / Payin Slip


I want to print Payin Slips for cheque submission. For eg. if i receive 2 cheques in a day, i want to print payin slip for 2 cheques to be submitted to bank.

Way i imagined this is in the is

  1. list view of Journal Voucher on will select list of JV’s

  2. click Print Cheque Deposit Slip to get payin slip for 2 JV entries.

  3. Payin slip pdf will be generated.

(This is generated via Tally and has 4 jv’s)

Problem with this is as of now, we have print formats attached to doctype’s and to print payin slip.
Possible workarounds are.

  • A doctype to aggregate jv’s
  • Somehow make a print format to print n number of jv’s from list view.

Any suggestions on how to do this (i.e. a better/different approach to achieve this).

Looks like a good approach. Create a doctype (Single if you may like) with JV as table. Then create a print format for this new doctype and you can access the JVs as child items.

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Agree with @pdvyas - best to make a Single Doctype - this way you can also attach a print format with it.

You can select from the list view, then push to the aggregator

See how Time Logs are aggregated into Time Log Batch