Cheque Print Format

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I am trying to setup the cheque print template, it is working perfect but there are few issue in the print which are as follows.

The main issue is date format is not correct while printing.

Below is my cheque template screenshot.

Below is the Payment entry in accounts section where you can see the date is in correct format.

Here you can see the printing section with standard format where date is in correct format.

But when I select my cheque template for printing it shows me the wrong format as shown below and a Square box before the Amount in numbers.

In the cheque print template I cant see the option where the date format should be specified and I have no Idea why the sqare box is appearing.

Apart from that the date is not fitting in the boxes of the cheque I think there if erpnext team should provide the spacing between the numbers in date column as they have provided in Amount of Word Section of Cheque print template.

Please suggest


@saurabh6790 please check.


I can replicate this issue in my test account .
@saurabh6790 is looking into it.

@deepak727 Thank you for reporting the issue.

fixing via [minor][fix] show date in user format by saurabh6790 · Pull Request #7451 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

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Thanks for the quicker responses,

I will pull the fix and let you know.

Once again thanks. :slight_smile: