Cheques Management with Status

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  1. Let me update how can we manage “cheques Management” with multiple status like "Cheques in Hand, Deposited, Dishonored, Endorsed (Customer cheque transferred to supplier), Security Cheque?

  2. How can we create series/leaf of cheque (cheque number series like 20000-20100 (100 cheques))This is helpful to chose a particular cheque number when we issue cheque to supplier.


Hi @Naveed1,

To manage “Cheques Management” with multiple statuses:

Create custom fields for each status (e.g., Cheques in Hand, Deposited, Dishonored, Endorsed, Security Cheque) as checkboxes in the “Cheque” doctype.

Set up a workflow for the “Cheque” doctype with states corresponding to each status. Define transitions between states based on your business logic.

To create a series/leaf of cheques:

Create a series for your cheque numbers (e.g., “Cheque Number Series”) with a starting and ending number (e.g., 20000-20100).

When issuing a cheque, select the desired cheque number from the “Cheque Number Series” and fill in other details.

Thank You!

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Thanks @NCP for your guidance.

Dear… 1st I have created a new doctype Cheque , and created a custom fields

2ndI have setup Workflow:

3rd I have linked cheque doctype with Payment Entry:

Whenever I create a new payment entry and fill in all relevant data, this works as usual as already was working. Please guide me…where am I making mistake. If you create a flow yourself and attach screenshots/video of your working, I shall be very very thankful to you.

Hi @Naveed1,

We just share the basic concept of common flow.

I think, if you want to set the status of payment according to the cheque status, then only set the workflow on the payment entry.

Otherwise, you can manually manage the cheque state, which you already created.

Thank You!