Child DocType in "Datatable"

Hello community.

Recently came across a use case where system user must work with more than 20 rows of child DocType, as well more than 20 of it in one transaction.

I like the implementation of Bootstrap in ERPNext, but 11 visible rows is very limiting when you’re working with 20 line items and each line item has more than 20 fields to work with.

I’d really like to break this limit, and I think the best way is to directly bring data table in a document. 1st, it’s built in and it’s being used in Reports.

Have any of you successfully hacked ERPNext in a similar way? If not, where should I start? I have a custom DocType and a child DocType ready.

Thank you guys.

Were you able to make any progress on this??

No, not at all. We just learned to work with 11 rows :sweat_smile: