Child doctype - set required field


Requirement:: Set required true to only opened child doctype


  1. We have manage to set the required true option for child field.
  2. Required option is getting enable for each child doctype


  1. If isActive is false then show the textarea and make it mandatory.
  • textarea is getting hide/show based on isActive flag – Success
  • set filed mandatory - success
  • The filed is getting mandatory for all the child doctype – failed


var field = frappe.utils.filter_dict(cur_frm.fields_dict["child_doctype_name"].grid.grid_rows_by_docname[cdn].docfields, {"fieldname": "field_name"})[0];
field.reqd = 1;

Reference link:: Enable or Disable a Child Table Field - #17 by ruchin78

Anyone can explain the working of “eval:doc.field_name” for Child doctype will be helpful.

Based on this knowledge I can try to complete my query.

Hi, The above scenario is quite impossible to achieve.

We have done workaround - i.e on save button clicked “validate()” help me out.