Child table columns are hidden for new users

Hi there.

I have a custom doctype and a childtable in it.

When I go into the doctype to add/edit existing one, the childtable does not show the columns inside it.

This happens every time I create a new user and that user goes into the doctype.


The problem is the new user might not know to click on the small “settings” icon and then “Add/Remove columns”.

How can I apply some setting to show some columns, by default, in the childtable to every user, new or old?

Hello @hemantk ,

Check In List View property of the field you want to show in child table grid view.

Pls refer:

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As @DaizyModi says, fields with In List View or Mandatory property will be shown by default.
Hope this helps.

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Thank you so much.

This is working. :pray:

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