Child Table columns not visible

Child table column not visible. Tries creating new doctypes, but still not able to see the columns.

Have you tried?

bench migrate && bench clear-cache

Tried bench migrate several times and just now tried bench clear-cache still no luck.

You can try unchecking then checking the “In Grid View” then click save.

My child doctype was having more fields but nothing was shopping so i removed all fields and kept only single field. That field is mandatory field so if I am unchecking ingridview still it is selected by default.

Major problem is if columns are not visible in the table is fine but when i am opening the popup nothing is shown in the popup form.

@kolate_sambhaji Can you please suggest anything.

Solved the issue.
Suppose I have 3 doctypes A, B, C
In A => B is used as child table but B is not marked as child table
In B => I was trying to use C which is marked as child table
When I was opening B, C table was visible but its columns are not at all present/visible.
So I searched my doctypes and removed B used as a child table. In this case A.
Now child table C is visible.

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Its due to circular reference or using child table doctype in another child table doctype.

To avoid this, you can put validation on DocType to avoid mistakes while creating DocType