Child table in web templates

Hi There,
I’m trying to to something and I don’t know if possible or no. Can you pls let me know if that can be done or some guidelines?

I want to add a child table to the web templates.

  • So, for that, I updated the Web Template Field lists to have Table available as a fieldtype.
  • In the Web Template doctype, I added a new field, as Table fieldtype, with a child table as option.
  • but in my Web Page, when using Page Builder, and select that Web Template, where I have that custom Table field, the dialog box is not opening when tryin to Edit Values from button.
    In the console I’m getting an error like
    “Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘forEach’ of undefined” grid.js:419
    “this.docfields.forEach(df => { //here is the indicating error
    this.fields_map[df.fieldname] = df;

Any thought how can I setup from desk side?
Thank you all