Child Table is Broken on Web Forms - Stock Entry

Does anyone experience some issues with child table link forms like the one below? I’m not sure what is the work around on this as I cant put any data on the table fields.

Currently on ERPNext and Frappe latest version-13 branch.

Yeah had a similar issue, check if it is indeed a child table and if appropriate view option is set for the fields.

Have you found a way to make it work? I just use the option “get fields” to fill all the fields in the web form and its confirm to have “table” as field type for this child table.

I have to revert everything back to version-13-beta using the old UI as there its not making the same problem. Not sure if its a bug on the new UI but im interested to find out if the same can be fixed on the version-13 branch.

Is this happening with all child tables?

I can’t replicate it. Try bench build

Does this error got any solution, am facing the same problem. did bench build worked ?