Child table issue in Web Forms: Multiple child tables in webform doesn't display the fields placed after the first child table


  1. When there are multiple child tables in a web form, all the fields below the first child table is not displayed
  2. Child table layout is broken (PFA, series no column is misaligned)
  3. Action buttons(Cancel & Save) are missing


I believe that this error log is related to the child table related issues but couldn’t understand what’s causing it:

“Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘can_read’ of undefined”

Any inputs or workaround to get around these issues? Your time is highly appreciated!

Related Question:
Is there a way to use the Desk UI itself for the webform? (as the desk UI doesn’t have any of the above-mentioned issues and works perfectly)

Other Details:
Frappe Framework: v13.x.x-develop () (develop)

I’ve got issues 1 & 3 resolved.
They were happening when I have a field(Name) with Link type in the child table docType(Indicator), that’s when the issue happens, so I removed the Link type for the field(Name) in Indicator docType.
Question: Is this way of having a Link type field inside a child table docType not supported? or is it still a bug?

Issue 2 still exists, could anyone please point me to where I should look to have this UI layout issue fixed?

sir, please elaborate more on how did you solve this error with the screenshot…it has been days since I’m trying to fix the issue. this is my main problem when i try to add multiple rows

I’ve mentioned the solution as well, bro. But, let me rephrase it if that was confusing.
Basically, the child table does not handle the ‘Link’ type properly, hence, avoid having such a field in the child table and try to use other data types but If that breaks your requirement then you shouldn’t be using the child table in the first place.

Also, please be noted that webforms will be removed from v13. Check out the announcement from the founder: [v13] Some proposed big changes to desk, routing and Web Forms

Hope, it helps!

my child table didn’t have any link field. It’s just data and select type. but still facing this prob

webform, it’s showing like below.

I am facing the same issue. Does anyone have a solution?

the solution is to avoid using child tables, as mentioned by @rmehta, webforms are anyways not going to be around :man_shrugging:

Issue has been resolved by updating frappe bench version from v13.0.2 to v13.15.0/v13.17.0

@Glob @saru2020 @rmehta Thanks for the response, it means a lot, I have updated the version to 13.16.1 the issue is resolved but facing another issue, let me explain with an example so I can make it clear.
Created a doctype with the child table, created a web form.
in the review after published, I have submitted a form with data “x”

now when I open a new webform, i can see the data of “X”, already there. as shown.

so the child table is not getting refreshed I guess when the new webform is created.
I tried on document level like creating a new document via doctype it’s working charm
it will be helpful if i can get any solution on this issue.