Child Table not showing up in frappe.db.get_list(doctype)

Hi All!

When I try to call a doctype using frappe.db.get_list from client side js script, the child table shows up as null. Does anyone know how to get the child table to show up WITH the doctype? When I try to call the child table separately it tells me I dont have permissions (even though I am Admin?). The only way I have been able to get the child table is through a call to a custom written python method which is not exactly what I want.

I have also tried using with “frappe.client.get_list” method to get the same null result.

EDIT: I should mention this is with a custom js script for a custom page i.e. not a doctype form. Also I selected all fields in the method call.


Child tables are not accessible due to complex permission rules that could be applied on the parent.

A whitelisted method should be fine.

Hi Rushabh,

Thanks for the reply!

Is it possible to change these permission rules so that I can work in Javascript?

Also for the whitelisted method, I have to make two db calls, one for the parent and one for the child table as the method on the parent also does not return the child table (just like the javascript method). Is this normal?

I am using the: frappe.db.sql( method.


Hello Rushabh,

Is possible to skip this permission rules in a server script and fetch a list of docs with its corresponding child tables?