Child Table Report Layout

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I have created a Query Report based on Quotation Doctype and on Quotation Item Child Doctype.
Here is the Code of the Report:

select as "Quotation:Link/Quotation:120",q.party_name as "Customer",q.status as "Quotation Status"/*,qit.item_name as "Item Name"*/,qit.brand as "Brand"

    `tabQuotation Item`qit

qit.parent =

Now the outcome of the report is every Item in the Child table is in each row individually in the report, followed by the Quotation ID in the same row.
How to gather (or collapse just like the Tree Form feature) all the Items in the Same Quotation ID into one singular row ?

This is the outcome of the report:

In order to avoid duplication of the Quotation ID in multiple rows,
How to add the Tree Form feature in the report ? Similar to this:

Thank you

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