Child table rows series issue

I deleted some child docs from backend. example there are 1,2 and 3 rows. so I deleted 1 and 2 rows from backend. But in ui showing only one row properly, but row number showing wrong. can any one help me in this ?

In the child table database, there is a column called “idx” where the row numbers are stored. Typically, when you delete a row using the standard delete functionality, the idx column is updated accordingly. However, if you manually delete rows directly from the backend without using the proper delete functionality, the idx column may not get updated as expected. This can lead to discrepancies in row numbers being displayed. To rectify this, ensure that you use the appropriate delete functionality provided in the UI. If you delete rows directly from the backend, you may need to manually update the idx column to maintain consistency in row numbering. For your reference, I will add a screenshot.

@gopikrishnan got it, thankyou