Child table strange behavior

Hi All,
I am using
ERPNext: v12.1.6 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.0.16 (version-12)

I am facing a strange behavior on child table as below

I have this DocType

and this is the 2 linked childTables

and when i test the Doc, i found as below

any idea about why it behaves like that,
what is the mistake i made


get sure that child table fields is not mark as read

it is not read only

Hello @Ahmed_F_Mostafa,

Make sure you have checked “In Grid View” in child table fields as shown below.

Hope this helps.


Yes i checked , all fields are marked as In Grid View

In your child table doctype, tick mark “Custom?” and then save it and reload your account.

as i understand , if i tick Custom , it will not be saved in myapp folder, but instead it will be in database.

i am developing these docs in application .

am i right or not?

I have found it ,

the parent doctype was referenced as “table multiselect” field in another doctype.
when i removed this reference or just change from “table multiselect” to link. it started to work normally.

according to this
the referenced doctype in “table multiselect” should be childdoc not parent.

thanks for all