Child Table, Table field Problem


I have the following Problem while developing an application. I’m trying to add a Table field to one of it’s DocTypes but it doesn’t work. I can’t add anything when looking at the view.

Right now Is set up like:

Transportation Trip --(Table)-- Transportation Trip Route (Child Table).

I properly set in Options the name of the DocType that’s a Child Table, and the Child Table has two fields. One is a linked field to the DocType Transportation Route. I have permissions for all operation.

My problem is that I can’t add anything on this Table field, when I’m in the model. This is how It looks:

I have multple relations like it, none of them work for me. The one Drive Helpers shows different because is not a required field, But still I can’t select anything. This is how the Doctype Transportation Trip looks like.

Here’s the Transportation Trip configuration:

Here’s Transportation Trip Route configuration:

And here is one of it fields, I do have enabled show in grid view.

I’m stumped on getting Child Tables, to work. Any help Is very appreciated. Thank you fo reading.

Well I managed to fix it. Turns out one of the other DocTypes I created had some bad definitions on the fields. And somehow It was interfering with this unrelated DocType. :smiley:

So PSA. If something seems broken, It might not be In the DocType that shows broken, maybe one refering to it, or something else you just created.