Child tables fields not showing on destiny upon migration

Hello all,

I just performed a migration and the info about the columns that should be displayed on the child tables do not show. These fields have been setup in the local dev environment and they show up there.

Can you please suggest?

Thanks in advance.

Unable to understand the issue, please provide some screenshots.

OK i printed 2 pdfs resulting for each environment. The local and the remote ( result of migration ). ( The print screen does not allow to see full page differences ). Can i send you the pdfs?

Thank you

Why you don’t use jpg?

OK here it goes. The locals and correct ones first 3 screenshoots and then the remotes ( migrated ) not showing all.

Now the remote not showing all the info of the fields:

Thanks for your help

Another subject related possibly to the migration, possibly with the update of frappé: The remote login shows up with a lot of green. The update was made last Friday, before it was all white: