Child table's value in fetch from of field customization

I want to fetch item_name / item_code present in sales invoice item to my custom table field

i put am pushing the customer name from fetch from on field level and its working fine but also want to fetch the item of that invoice which i am unable to do so . How to fetch that value using fetch from ?

Had to do by custom script coz came to know that fetch from / add_fetch doesn’t works on child tables. Correct me if I’m wrong

not clear what you want!
can you share screenshot for this issue!


Getting value of child table via here

you can fetch any field value using linked item name from the same doctype
For example:

In Item Name you can use item plus the name of field in Item doctype you want to fetch when change Item field

But what if there’s a child table in that doctype and I want to access that value via fetch_from option

They should be in same form
In this situation it wont work, and you can make it using code

Ok. Thanks