China Chart of Accounts

Continuing the discussion from Tunisia Chart of account:

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  1. what does Comma stand for? Is this a typo?
  2. does Asset=Asset, Liability=Liability, Owner's Equity=Equity, Cost=Expenses, Profit&Loss=Revenue work? (actually an Account Type like Profit & Loss seems a bit weird anyhow)

You can fork the COA?

not quite clear what you mean.

I think the discussion is not really useful unless the bug is fixed.

I don’t agree. In order to contribute a chart of accounts (which does not exist for China yet) all that is needed is a .json file. Also you even though forking a chart on the site doesn’t work, as you say, you can create a new one from scratch.

Thanks! This is a good information.

Does the Chinese accountant have a solution now? Or does the official have a solution plan?

The best advice I got was to find the Chinese CoA that exists in Odoo, and manually rebuild that. I was told the chart was good.

@szufisher (I hope you don’t mind me pulling you in here) how do you create a CoA for an implementation in China?

unfortunately till now no customer started using the accounts module with localized COA yet.