China law requires footer on login page - how to do

Hi a am a Newbie to ERPnext,
to take my website online in China i need to add a footer like:

(c) Company - ICP 1234567890 - Beian 123456789012

I think it is possible via Website Settings but i have no clue on how to edit the standard theme!
Hope someone can give me a hint so i can start my journey with ERPnext :slight_smile:

you can set it from 'website setting"

Hi Gembira_IT_Tech, That i tried and it will then shown on all pages except the login page !
I use a on premise setup with tag v15. The footer looks to be not shown anymore on login page in current version.

As you can see on Login page it does not appear

Hi All,

i found now the login.html and there is no code for a footer inside
As i use docker it is in my frontend service under /home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/frappe/frappe/www/login.html

How to add a footer here without starting coding !

I have opend a bug on github: Login page is not showing footer · Issue #39170 · frappe/erpnext (

OK i make a step forward but still cannot fix the footer
with adding this code s shown in picture i can hide the top bar with Home! But it doe snot work for the footer as also mention in another thread ( Login Page - Customization - ERPNext - Frappe Forum) here:
navbar part works
footer.web-footer does not work

Handsome boy,Welcome to comeback!

After i open a bug ticket the developers fix it → Login page is not showing footer · Issue #24153 · frappe/frappe (

Hotfix should be available with next release - big thanks !