Choose Warehouse item allocation per Service Order

If I create a sales order for an item, it puts a reserve on the particular item for the qty in the default warehouse for the item. Is there a way to choose the warehouse in which the reserve goes against during the sales order creation process? I read in the docs:

Reservation and Warehouses
If your Sales Order contains Items for which inventory is tracked (Is Stock Item is “Yes”) then, ERPNext will ask you for “Reservation Warehouse”. If you have set a default Warehouse for the Item, it will automatically set this Warehouse here.

So I removed the default warehouse for the item, hoping I could select the warehouse in which the reserve would show when I create a sales order. However, I am not seeing any options for warehouse and if I try to save/submit it, I get a popup stating “Delivery warehouse required for stock item”.

Am I going about this the wrong way?

Hi, you can select the warehouse in warehouse and reference section for each child of SO. Thanks