Choosing when to update the hosted version instead of automatic updates

I love how fast ERPnext is evolving but it is scary for a live company setup too. Is there a way to Approve an internet update by you guys?

1. Manual approval by user for MINOR updates.(w/ patch notes)
2. Automatic approval and update with 48hrs prior warning notification for MAJOR security / features updates.

In this age, a minor fix for 1 issue might create another issue somewhere else. Just look at Apple’s iOS updates…

I’m assuming you have your own setup for ERPNext, and you’re not on our Cloud Hosting.

You should be able to disable automatic updates. Can you share the contents of common_site_config.json in your sites folder?

@vjFaLk I am on your cloud hosting.

On the cloud hosting there is currently no way to not update. However, we have recently slowed down releases and any updates you see are basically bug fixes or such.

You shouldn’t be too worried about data loss or such, we keep taking backups. However, you can always setup Dropbox backup for extra care.

@vjFaLk It’s not really about loosing data as much as it is about stability. There have been alot of changes recently in the UI of ERPNext, with no way to opt out, and very little warning to the community. UI changes should be reserved for new number versions (ERPNext 7, 8, etc) at most once a year. The changes being made are jarring, and there should be a way to opt out.

UI Changes can be a very big deal to users of a product, that should be self evident.

While true that it can be unwelcome, the nature of an continuously updated open source system suggests that there aren’t the resources in place to provide options for legacy versions whilst looking ahead with major changes, and those major changes (without majority of disagreement from the community) will influence how it grows, and the development will be grown upon them.

@cpurbaugh @wdg we have stopped major UI changes on the master branch for a few weeks now. All the current changes in “develop” will be released with Version 7

@wdg migrating to latest is always preferable even on your own cloud. There are important bugfixes and security updates are necessary.

@rmehta . I understand about the bugfixes and security updates. I know those are crucial and I agree that they should be forced updates. But if certain minor bugs or fixes are not creating problems for us, I suggest that we can ‘SKIP’ them. Just like how we can choose our Windows updates in Win 7 and earlier versions. Now it seems like we are going the Windows 10 route…

I keep seeing forums posts where users will ask 'Hey, what happened to e.g. this form’s columns, field syntax, code, this calculation results? And we get replies like "Oh we changed that / fixed that / removed that. You have to do it this way now. / You can’t do that now "

Now I am just hoping for at least patch notes in layman terms that pops up whenever i login so that I can judge how much I am affected by it. With a patch note history inside the dashboard only viewable by the super admin.
That would help tons to alleviate my insecurities. And also hopefully reduce your Support staff’s load.


@wdg point noted!

Like @superlack suggested, we have limited engineering resources to maintain multiple version.

Btw, most people now expect to be on the latest versions and ever major publisher understands the value. We also need to communicate clearly though. We will be doing that much more.


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