Christmas Salary (13)

I don’t think anyone has this but here in Angola is common to have a 13th Salary (Christmas bonus).

This is processed on November and either called 13th Salary or Christmas Salary.

In November companies process Salaries for November and Christmas Salary (50% base salary).
In December is processed the normal Salary for that period.

How to have this implemented or added another 13th month to be processed ?

Same issue here in Morocco 13th salary in Decembre instead can u share if you succed implement it.


Our only concern is for Companies here that issue a second Salary Slip in November for the 13th Salary instead of adding this Earning with no discounts to the existing November Slip.

If and for sure i will find Companies with this prerequisite then the System has to allow processing a second Slip in November as 13th Salary (the receipt name written SAL Slip 13th\0001) keeping the Emplooyee ID and the dates… and the System would need to distinguish from normal November Slip and 13th so that Submit and bank payment can be done.


Here in Portugal we have it also, but we normally add it to the November slip.
Do you really need a different salary slip for the 13th salary?

Para Angola muitas Empresas exigem que sejam dois recibos … neste momento estamos a verificar com algumas se adicionando a mesma ao recibo de Novembro.

I would like to ask how did you do the second salary slip for the same date range?

Fortunately none of the Companies I have required the second salary slip, they all add the Christmas tob the same Salary slip.