Chrome App for Windows

I am interested in having a Chrome App for Windows. I would like my PoS users to start the Chrome App and launch PoS automatically. As Offline feature is now in PoS having a windows app makes sense.

The Chrome App will solve this situation. What do you think? Is this feasible? Any suggestions?

You can turn any web page into a “Chrome app” of sorts. Basically it directly opens the page when you click on the icon. From Chrome settings go to “More Tools” and then click on “Add to Desktop” when you’re on the POS page in ERPNext

@vjFalk This is not a chrome app. This is just a shortcut to an URL.

Chrome App is really a windows app and its similar to a Mobile App where the assets are localized. You can refer to this link Build a Todo Chrome App - Chrome Developers.

In my case I want to have a Windows App for the PoS so that the users can load the app without the Internet. I know that the internet is crucial for syncing and for initial launching but once the app is launched at the start of day they should be able to close it and relaunch it without worrying about Internet access. I could write a dotnet windows app but I am intrigued by Chrome Developer Tools.

You’re right, my bad on the use of terminology. I assumed you just wanted the quick access. I don’t think we can utilize the existing framework to create a Chrome app / Windows app. A whole new app would have to be made from the ground up. Integrating it wouldn’t be too difficult, using the REST API you could just add Sales Invoices accordingly.

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Thanks vjFalk…I hope my language wasn’t crude…Really appreciate your advice…