Chronic Internal Server Error ERPNext 12 Production Server

After power failure, internal server error occurred as Mariadb server is downn. Searing support from community from, Tried doing following one by one:

  • Increase NoLIMITFILE to 40000; BUT NO LUCK
  • Did “sudo mysqld --tc-heuristic-recover=ROLLBACK” and then “sudo service mysql start”; NO LUCK
  • added “innodc_force_checksums = ON” and then deleting in_logfile* from mysql directory; NO LUCK
  • removing mariadb.sock file; NO LUCK

But still same “Internal Server Error”!

then I run the server in recovery mode “innodb_force_recovery = 2” in my.cnf file and the internal server error gone this time but in recovery mode. Then I repair all tables/databases by login to mysql prompt and thru mysqlcheck --auto-repair command; and removed innodb_force_recovery before rebooting but as I am turning force_recovery mode off. Internal Server error return back.

In my view point this error seems chronic. Sharing a prompt and proper remedy will be highly appreciated.

Try to read error log files in your erpFolder/logs