Clarification on credit card payment


can anyone explain to me how credit card payment works in erpnext , POS too like you have option to pay cash and credit card and other payment infos , but how is the payment processed, if the customer pays through his credit card , how can i record the payment (ofc the credit card will be through the credit card reader from the bank)
but like how can i mention this payment in erp??


You’ll have to create Payment Entry against that invoice with mode of payment as credit card. An option to create payment entry is available in the top right corner. Please refer screen shot.

To know more about payment entry please refer this doc

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Thank you for your answer @Deepesh_Garg!
Does it work the same in POS ?? Because in POS it is an instant payment too

For practical purpose in Mode of Payment you should set Cash account as ledger for Credit Card payment. This is done to ensure accuracy of Bank account when the Bank transfer funds to the account after deduction of interchange. When you get accurate information from Bank then manually pass Journal Entry for Bank and cost of interchange.

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thank you for your reply @Muzzy! appreciate that

does work the same in POS where you can select different modes of payment…the credit card charges can than be processes at the end of an accounting period

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No, instant payment is only possible in POS Invoice. For your use case you can create a POS profile and set default mode of payment as “Credit Card” and create a POS invoice using that POS profile if you want instant payment

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