Clarification regarding workflow

Hi All,

I have added the following condition while creating a workflow for the stock entry
doc.stock_entry_type==“Material Transfer”

When I create a stock entry and select the entry type as “Material Transfer”, I can approve/reject.

When I select the stock entry type as “Material Issue/Receipt” or any other type, I am not able to see the Submit button. The Status is shown as Draft.

I believe that the submit button should come for anything other than “Material Transfer” for the users who will be selecting any type other than “Material Transfer”.

Please help.

Hi @Adhokshaja,

I think, you should check the post and post the video.

So you can understand easily.

I hope this helps.

Thank You!

You should set up another transition state as “Submit” or you can use the final transition state you already have for docstatus 1 (“Approved” in your case I believe).

Then set up an action Draft → Submit, and set the conditions as doc.stock_entry_type != “Material Transfer”

This will let everyone else submit/approve the stock entry (thereby submitting it.)