Clarifications on the Subscription feature


In the new Subscription feature we have fields Start Date and End Date. Also we have From Date and To Date. Could we get some clarification as to what these fields are supposed to represent exactly?

Also, does the period which the recurring document covers appear in the doc itself? For example, if I have an active monthly subscription for a Sales Invoice, I would expect the new invoice generated (for November for example) to show the period for which that invoice has been generated (i.e. 1st November - 30th November). This will let the customer know that this invoice is for services rendered within that period or else it might not make much sense to them


Anyone using the subscription feature that can offer some insight?

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In recent update we have removed the from date and to date from the subscription form and added on the sales order, sales invoice, purchase order and purchase invoice form. From Date and To Date is used to show the period of an invoice or order. While Start Date and End Date on the subscription is use to make recurring documents of reference document within that period. If you have defined the from date and to date in the invoice ABC, and set the invoice ABC in the subscription form for monthly recurring. Then system will creates the new sales invoice ABC-1 on the next schedule date with new from date and to date based on the frequency set in the subscription form. (You know from where is it coming :))

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Thanks for posting this response so it can help others too