Clarity needed in Ordered Quantity in "Stock Projected Qty"

its been a surprise for me while i was performing the MRP run using “Stock projected quantity” that, ordered quantity shows as 195 No’s, But the open purchase orders are cancelled . how is this possible. how can we rely on this data.? or probably my understanding is wrong, please correct this. (Note : All other submitted purchase orders are completed and billed and received-100% complete)


Can someone please provide following solutions since we are just stepping into ERPNEXT-Production Plan which is must needed for us.

  1. Multi level BOM MRP.
  2. How to add item stock or sum up item stock considering multiple warehouses
  3. If existing sub assemblies are already produced , how to deduct those items/sub assemblies from the material planning sheet in ERPNEXT?

i have watched lot of production planning videos , but those are basic level production planning, not the multi level BOM planning

please share the tutorial link. thanks in advance


If you haven’t checked then please explore the documentation.

I have checked the documentation in detail,

i think my problem statement is correct that even though the purchase orders are cancelled , it is capturing the quantity as 195 No’s.