Clear filters applied for fields

Hi ,

I am trying to enter the bank opening balance and have encountered a problem

I have 2 bank accounts, 1 SDG and 1 USD.

I have a problem with the USD entry as there is a filter applied to the Account field in Journal Entry.
(see attach screen capture)


I hope someone can assist to let me know how to clear the filter to allow USD currency bank account to be entered.

Thanks in advance.




Are the accounts in different banks that have addresses in the countries of the currencies?

HI Smino,

I am not sure why you are asking about the bank address.

The problem I am having is that I am not able to enter bank accounts that is not using the currency, SGD.

Any link with the bank address and the currency used in the bank account ?



See if this is any help:

I thought that the address of the bank might determine the currency for the account, I don’t think that necessarily matters.

Hi Smino,

Thanks for the info.

I will check them out.



Tick multi currency in JV window
Than you get all currency GL

Hi Sumi_Chourey,

Thanks for your reply.

Just found that out.



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