Clearing Accounts Payable

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I have a question/issue about AP and the AP Report. I show a transaction that shows still due in the payables report

however this has A) been paid and B) in all journal entries for it is paid. The credits and debits match. What is interesting about this payable is that its not from an invoice. My accountant created a “party” for payables of an employee that had submitted multiple expense accounts. So he created JVs for the expense accounts to debit the proper expense account and then credited payables. He then created a single bank entry JV to debit payables for the employee and cut him a check. So from a JV/GL perspective both sides match, however AP thinks we still “owe” the employee.

Does the JV “entry type” have anything to do with how this works? The JV’s to credit AP were “credit notes” and the JV to debit AP was a bank note.

Here is the row in the bank entry JV-00010 that shows the debit and credit and debit.


the AR AP report show all lines that hasnt been reconciliated even when GL report shows 0 balance. Have you Try using the Payment Reconciliation tool? under accounts module, select the party and the account used for posting.

I have never used that. Did so and this is what I see

So erp finds the JV, however it was never “invoiced” in the traditional sense of a purchase invoice and so I have nothing to pick from in the invoice drop down box that is also mandatory. I guess I could customize the form to remove the mandatory flag, but not sure that would help anything.

Interesting, is working for me take a look.

Interesting, so you were able to pick the JV as the “invoice”? Or did you type it in?

For the record, I am running

  • ERPNext: v7.2.14
  • Frappe Framework: v7.2.12

just pick it it has always worked, it should appear under INVOICE /JOURNAL ENTRY DETAILS, keep in mind that i use the same AP account for both transactions (debit and credit) and the same party name. Also select is Advance in the jv line for the payment entry.

the only reason i think that the jv wont apear under INVOICE /JOURNAL ENTRY DETAILS may be its already reconcilled with other jv?

This is very interesting. I have the same “is advance” entry for the bank entry like you say, but nothing will show up in the drop down box to pick invoice. I also don’t see any invoice/journal entry details table like you do. Your picture looks pretty much like mine where invoice # is empty with amount and allocated as such the same.

For the record, I was never able to get the reconciliation tool to work for me. So as a workaround / alternative path, we cancelled and deleted all of the JV’s that passed the expense claim entries through AP and instead did one JV bank entry that had rows to match the expense claims. In each row of the JV table, we used the reference section at the bottom of the dialog to link the expense claim to the JV bank entry. Now payables is clear and the GL lines up with proper balance of credits and debits.