Clearing "Test" data before go-live

Is there any way to purge all transactional data from the database but retain configuration and master records?

After performing testing on a new company it would be ideal to then cleardown this dummy/test transactional data rather than have it still in the system confusing users.

I’m reluctant to do mass cancellations as I “broke” my initial demo/test system by doing so - it started reusing SO numbers and other strange behaviour as a result.


Best to keep test and production systems separate - for long term maintenance.

Oh, is this possible on Frappecloud though? I didn’t see any area for a second database/system :smile:

You can run a VM.

We can clean out the data if you send a ticket to support at

Thanks @rmehta if you were running multiple environments (production and test/dev) on your own local server is there a way to migrate configuration done in test/dev to production without bringing transactional data?

Eg: In the test system, I add a custom field to the Sales Order Form and enter 5 sales orders to test it. Then I want to migrate the change to the Sales Order Form to production but not bring in the 5 “test” sales orders.

Does that make sense? That’s a very simple example but if we added 22 fields across multiple Forms it would be a big time saver rather than manually re-doing all the configuration in the production system.

Check this:

Edit: fixed link

LInk requires to be fixed again.

Also see How to completely remove the data's from databases as it is a similar post with a different way out.