Click not registering in mobile app

Hi, I am trialling ERPNext for our business, and I am having the following issue with the ERPNext mobile app:

After logging in, at the “desk” page, clicks do not register. The colour of the buttons changes slightly (same as mouseover on PC), but nothing happens - I cannot navigate to any other pages.
For example, if I click “Retail”, the colour of the button changes, but it stays at the “desk” page. I also tried navigating using search, clicking the search results does not work either - the results are immediately hidden.
I am getting the same behaviour on Android and iOS.

$ bench version
erpnext 12.x.x-develop (3dd7ddd838d1f25d36c82f2c6228a37dcbf3cd98)
foundation 0.0.1
frappe 12.x.x-develop (0dd6c44e2b089c6a0cd71d9d4a36bf43b8a0aed8)

ERPNext mobile app version:
iOS: 0.0.13
Android: 0.0.13

I think this may either be an issue in ERPNext or the mobile app using the wrong click-event. Can anyone please help with this issue?

For trial purpose I would recommend using stable version like V11. Much better would be V10. I can confirm the buttons work fine on V10 mobile app mobile browser.

V12 is WIP so you can expect many breakages.

Thanks! I have migrated to V11 and the mobile app is working.