Clickable Read-only Link Field

I was wondering if a clickable read-only link field is possible because right now my child table link field is auto-filled with backend call and is set to read-only to prevent the data from being deleted or replaced, but if I set my child table link field as read-only, it displays the data but it’s unclickable, is there any way to make a read-only field clickable? Any tips will greatly be appreciated and thanks in advance.

Maybe it’s possible to make it in HTML, but I have no idea how to get the URL from the link field. Is there anyone that can help me?

You can add custom button in parent form and add logic to fetch item details based on condition.

Hi @Lee_Andrew, curious that it’s not working for you because what you’re hoping for is exactly how it already works for me. All my read-only link fields are clickable as links to the relevant doc. What happens when you click on them now?

Hello @peterg, here’s a gif preview of what happens when I click the field as a read-only field.
I don’t know if the gif is clear but the cursor just turns to stop sign.


That’s really weird. I’ve never seen that before. What happens if you expand the child view using the triangle on the right? Is there any clue in the HTML?

@peterg slr, It just expands the child table and still unclickable, and no clue in the console either.

Any solutions? Facing same problem.

Show the Doctype settings for multi_doctype_table.