Clicking New opens a blank white page

Just installed erpnext via bitnami on a linux mint pc. I can click NEW for user and I get a page with dialogs to enter and save the new entry. Same for warehouse, brands and a few others. But, I can not get the same type of pages for many other areas, like creating a new item. Page just opens to white. Top left says “new Item 1”. Nothing at all like the pages that actually work, offering new dialog boxes to put information into.

I’ve created a new user, assigned all roles and all modules, but it does the same.

What am I doing wrong ?

Press F12, you might see errors in console log produced while rendering concerned pages.

Thank you, did not know about the debugger. But, I’m not anywhere near a programmer. The TypeError it stops and highligts is: frm.dashboard.show_links is not a function.

I get this for other places too, like trying to add a customer or Supplier.

Thanks !

@grummy can you please update your version of erpnext:

bench update
bench update --upgrade

and then do bench clear-cache

i think it will solve the problem

The bitnami install went here: /home/mint/erpnext2/apps/erpnext/htdocs/frappe-bench.

Seems there are no update or upgrade scripts in there, and I’ve searched everywhere !

Still have my hopes up. Any other advise ??

Perhaps I need to try a production level installation. Need to see if ErpNext would fit us better than Odoo !

@grummy using bitnami will reduce the functionality and reduce the abilities that you will have, so i would say go with the auto install script f production master would be much better for you…

if not please do see the below wiki from bitnami

Thanks, Figured the Bitnami stack itself was part of the issue.
Have been able to use the VirtualBox version to get inside and look around. Installed, updated and ran without any effort whatsoever. Lots of questions… but so far so good.

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You are free to ask any question and many will help :slight_smile:

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