Client pays for Scrap, negative scrap?

Hey guys,

I have some question about the BOM scrap configuration.

Let’s say the client pays for scrap.

In a square meter of a printed material, the client pays for 0.20 square meters of scrap.

If I set 0.20 to scrap it will decrease the total cost.
( as this scrap is assumed to be reused and increases the company’s stock value. )

If i set to -0.20 it should be the opposite, correct?

Is setting the scrap to negative a good way to achieve this or will it give Stock nonsensical problems and bugs?

In my case i think i can just set 1.2 square meters in BOM to make a product with 1 square meter.

But I’m still curious about the question above

@Smooth_Play :

here is my feedback on this,

Note : Once the work orders and job cards are closed, Total Qty of scrap items will be available in SFG store. you can proceed with further steps after that