Client Script Not working for Custom Doc types

I hadn’t figured this out until recently, All the client script i have written for the custom doc types i created doesn’t seem to work/run. Only those scripts i wrote for existing doc types have worked. :frowning: Ex: I simply put a custom validate code which prints hello. Same code worked for doc type salary structure , attendance etc. But When i put the same on few of my custom doc types, They just didn’t run.
The doc types are mostly ‘master’ and few ‘transaction’. I have the custom checkbox selected. What am i doing wrong?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Could be an issue. Can you add it to GitHub?

yes , i have added this to github. Here’s the link

Client Script not working

there isn’t any error in the code. It does not show any error. It simply doesn’t load the script. But the same script even works on existing doc types. The problem is only with custom doc types. Did any action possibly break the structure? I cannot make out whats wrong. Any solution to resolve this would be helpful .