Client Script Trigger if from Bulk Import

Does anyone know or have a sample client script that will be run from bulk import?

We currently have client scripts for certain read only fields and it is running if we are on the transaction and viewing it. This mean the user needs to click the update button or the save button everytime the client script for the field runs.

Our problem right now is if the transaction was from the bulk import. The read only fields client script will not run if we will not open then click the save or update button of the imported transaction.

May anyone has a sample client or server script that will automatically update the read only field value?

write server script for whatever you want to do inside the doctype
if you import First name & last Name and want to input Full Name combining First Name + Last Name.

You can write after save server script to achieve that.

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Hi @mohitchechani, server script means this one?

We tried using all the doctype events but nothing happen. Do we also need to copy and paste here the client script that was created? Which means the codes on the client script should also be pasted on the server script doctype?