Cloning ERPNext Cloud to ERPNext On premise


Trust you are doing fine.

Has anyone ever clone a cloud Version(AWS) of ERPNext to an on-premise version.

If so, can you please share the steps and if any difficulties encountered.

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What exactly do you want to clone? The entire server, the database, the code?

Hi @rmeyer,

I want to clone the entire Server.

I want to move the entire system from cloud to On-premise.

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I think the answer depends on what infrastructure your server is running. In my cas i.e. ERPNext runds inside an LXD Container which lives on a cloud server. So I could use the LXD commands to copy that container to another Container host.

I never used aws, but I would guess there may be a way to create an image from your entire server, which you (with the corresponding knowledge) could reproduce on a local server (also probably as a VM).

Another way is to make a backup of the db and the attached files and restore that on a local instance of ERPNext. This method comes with the risk, that there may be inequalities in the 2 systems which may lead to problems on the restauration step (couldn’t say how likely it is for such problems to arise though)