Close status: closing To Bill and To Deliver (or To Receive) separately

We use Purchase Invoices and Purchase Receipts as part of our buying cycle and Sales Orders and Delivery Notes as part of our selling cycle. These DocTypes for the buying cycle can have To Bill and/or To Receive as a status and the ones on the buying cycle can have To Bill and/or To Deliver as a status.

It would be helpful if when closing the status of these DocTypes we could chose whether we are closing the To Bill or To Receive/Deliver part of the status. This is because sometimes there is a return and the item being returned won’t be re-delivered or re-received and whenever this happens we need to close out the status so that it does not show as pending Delivery or Receipt as the case may be. However, this does not mean that the billing part has been done and whenever accounting is ready to do the billing the status of the DocType has to be re-opened, then the billing must be completed, and then it has to be closed again.

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The purpose of the Close is to manage the short-closing, where you ordered for 20 qty, but closing at 15 qty only. Rest 5 is not to be received or billed.

Close action is not designed for the use-case as elaborated above. Perhaps you can insert a Custom Field or something to update Close Status for delivery or billing separately, and not use standard option to Close.

I think the ability to close To Bill and To Deliver separately would be applicable to this scenario as well.

For instance, if 20 qty were ordered and closing at 15 qty, we have to mark the PO status as Closed to avoid it showing as pending receiving and then when it comes time to billing (via Purchase Invoice) the PO has to be re-opened in order to create a purchase invoice against it, even if only billing 15 qty, and then it has to be Closed again after Purchase Invoice is created.

If closing status is to be done separately, i think what would make sense is to have it work the following way:

Suppose 20 qty are ordered and PO will be closed after receiving 15 qty.

Then we manually close To Deliver and the current status of PO changes to To Bill and by default the pending billing amount is over the 15 qty received. After Purchase Invoice is created, PO status changes to Completed.

If for some reason there is some under billing, then To Bill has to be closed manually and the status of the PO changes to Closed.

We face the same challenge. Seems a lot of manual work has to be done to manage the buying/selling cycle and it’s causing our team quite a lot of frustration when our old system did this for us. :frowning: