Closed assigment remains on reference document (V12)

Dear all,

there seems to be a new issue in V12 (12.1.6, was ok in v12.0.x): when a document is assigned to another user, who then closes the assignment, this remains in the “Assigned to” list of the reference document.


Bug or (unwanted) feature?

And this is the malicious code: ./frappe/frappe/desk/form/

def get_assignments(dt, dn):
    cl = frappe.get_all("ToDo",
		fields=['name', 'owner', 'description', 'status'],
		limit= 5,
			'reference_type': dt,
			'reference_name': dn,
			'status': ('!=', 'Cancelled'),


Should only show the Open assignments, IMHO…

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Even I am facing this issue esp in v12. Closed TODOs are showing in the document list as assigned in __assign. Basically they get unassigned after closing but the cron job is re-assigning them.
Even I don’t know how to resolve this issue. Anyone able to resolve this.

I have seen this happen in particular with TODOs with a priority selected