Closing Open Purchase Order

Hi All,

I wanted to ask others about how they deal with Open Purchase Orders (Orders that has partial receipts but not fully received) that has items open items that will not anymore be received. Currently, there is no option to force close the PO. It will always show tagged as an open Order.



Did you try to close it from status button like so?.


The correct answer is the one from @ahmed-madi

I know it feels wrong but it really is the only way to get out of the “Receive and Bill” status. However, as a best practice kind of thing, we always add a comment to the bottom of the original PO to explain why it was closed. A year from now when you are trying to figure out why you did something, that note becomes a blessing. :grin:

Unfortunately, the PO will never say “Completed” so you just have to get used to “Closed” as a valid status for a completed PO.

Hope this helps…