Cloud account with local sync

Hi. Is it possible for me to have a hosted cloud account and also periodically sync its database to my local PC server? Pretty much like how I use my docs stored in Google Drive w/ backup. My PC has a local copy of whatever I have on the cloud and the Google Drive software scans for changes, compares and make the updates so both copy are in sync in real time.

  1. Master - Cloud
  2. Slave (backup) - local.

When I am on my PC in local network, my local version will interact with the local database. (Local to Cloud sync vice versa)
When I am the road, I load up my browser and the cloud erpnext account, everything synced.

I assume that there may be conflicts of entries though… hmm

I get the best speed and the ‘always on’ advantage.

What you are referring is done at MySQL Server level Master-Slave or Master-Master Replication, two-way replication causes lot of headaches if not monitored closely.
Such feature is not out of box available with ERPNext Cloud Hosted <—> Local DB Sync because of obvious reason of complexity and non-standard usage.

You can take backup using Dropbox of your database from Cloud ERPNext.

If you really want to do it, then you can achieve it with your won hosted version of ERPNext only.


Thanks @yashodhan. Is there a way to use the excellent always-up-to-date cloud hosted version AND have an autoupdate for local installs?