Club Management Module

Hi, exploring the possibility to develop a club management module (members, membership type, payment details, liability waiver digital signing, club mailing, etc). Members should be able to login to manage their own details and payment via paypal.

Does this sound feasible?


i think you could do that…i was tried to make some modules and its awesome… :slight_smile:

@bobzz_zone thanks. Any suggestions on where to start? Any useful tools for mapping field requirements etc?

This is a generic requirement for any non profit.

You can use pencil ( or balasmiq ( for making mockups, we find it very useful.


if you want to start developing just read the documentation( and this forum

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If anyone is interested in following development or to actively helping with development? Check out github:

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@N85 nice!

To get more contributors

  1. Add a and keep posting your screenshots there
  2. Add your designs in Issues like the example below:

Good luck!

@rmehta hopefully I’ll have some time this weekend.


  1. Get form structure correct
  2. Layout

For updating the readme, after people have done a git clone to they use frappe-bench commands to install the app? I gues so.


After v5 release, we are also planning a new site where you can list your app ( or something)

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Hello everyone,
Any news on this? I’ very interested in this application as school is not very adequate to run a Club based on Memberships.
Thanks for the update

Is there any update on this?