COA - group account does not accumulate

Hi! I have a problem that I’m not finding a solution to.

Some parent accounts do not add up children accounts.

We were changing the parents of some accounts and that’s when the problem arose.

We try to restart bench, bench cache, bench static, but without results.

I identified it as a possible bug, placed a post directly in githup but I was asked to put a post in discussion first…:confused:

Any idea if this is a bug or can I fix it in any way?

Thank you.

More detail:

Children accounts underwent several changes about whose father they belonged to.

General Leadger shows exactly the same as COA.

It’s an issue that could be a bug, as I should simply recalculate the totals, so I opened an issue directly in the first instance.

Any ideas?

Thank you


This is working just fine in my test account.

Can you please share the version of your ERPNext account please?

What were the changes made in the children account?

Hello Umair, thanks for response.

The version i have is v9.2.23.

The parent of the child accounts was changed several times and renames. For example:

I don’t know which method is recalculated since, as I mentioned, not only is the COA, but also the correct result is not seen on the balance sheet.

Thanks for advance.

Hi Umair, I was creating new parent accounts, and associating them with the accounts in question and working properly.

I don’t know which are the steps that were followed to arrive to error that I mark in the post, but I give it as solved and if at some point I find the cause there is an issue.

Thank you