Code changes not reflecting in the custom application

We have created few custom apps to implement custom functionality on top of ERPNext.

But there are occurrences where when we push changes - these do not reflect on the front end

We have run the following commands multiple times to see if this was a build issue but it isn’t

bench clear-website-cache
bench restart
bench build
bench migrate

The changes are reflecting properly in local system, but once they are pushed to the servers they are not reflecting.

We have checked whether the code is updated on the server or not - and indeed it is updated.

Some of these changes are nothing but simple CSS changes and HTML changes - for example changing the spelling of a word in HTML.

Is there anything which can be done to fix the issue?

@anirudhdggl are they included in the hooks file ?
btw you can change texts using translation list at multiple languages.

@bahaou Yes - they are included in hooks file

Text is not the only thing - our CSS is also not working in some cases. So I don’t think the translation list could help here