Coding within Standard Reply in Email

I’d like to setup a Standard Reply which contains Doc Type fields - eg in a Quotation have the QTN- number print within the BODY of the email along with customer information. Is this possible within the HTML of Standard Reply setup? I’ve tried simply adding {{ doc.customer_name }} for example but obviously that just prints as text.


Templating is not enabled for standard replies. But could be…

Do you want to try fixing this or raising a GitHub issue?

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Hi @rmehta,

Not sure what you mean by try fixing it, I’m not able to do it at the client end am I? :smile:

I can raise it as a Github issue, just need to find out what the process is to do so as I haven’t done so before.


If you can code a bit, you can fork frappe, add the feature to process standard reply and send a pull-request :smile:

I wish I could code but sadly I’m not at that level in Python or JavaScript to help. But I will no doubt learn a lot on this journey configuring and customising erpnext so the only way is up from here!