Cold Calls assistant application using Frappe Framework, ChatGPT, Whisper, VOIP & Text-to-Speech API

I have an Idea to create a cold call assistant application using Frappe Framework for future integration to ERPNext

  • The application should be able to: Extract lead information (name, phone number, campaign name) from a .csv file,
  • Make a call to the lead using a VOIP API Start a conversation with the lead using a ChatGPT API and pre-loaded prompts and information from the .csv file
  • Greet the customer and listen to their response
  • Send information given by the customer to a Whisper API and receive text
  • Send the received text to a ChatGPT API and receive a reply Convert the reply text to speech and play it for the customer
  • Repeat the process until a pre-set prompt script target (such as email details or appointment schedule) is reached.

Please message me if you want to assist me in this app creation.

t1mom777/cold-call-assistant: A cold call assistant application using the Frappe Framework, Twilio API, OpenAI’s GPT-3 API, Whisper API, and Google Text-to-Speech API (