Cold Storage Capacity Mangement with Putaway Rule

We are putting multiple products 10-12 items in a single warehouse. So we want to set a max capacity for the warehouse. In the putaway rule creation we need to select particular items,and then specify capacity of warehouse. Is there any other way to set a the max capacity of the warehouse during warehouse creation or any other way to do this??

I see your challenge. Perhaps a feature request is needed to allow putaway rule for Item Group.

The only workaround I can think of is to group your 10-12 items by creating variants for them, then use the template item in the putaway rule. Not ideal especially if the items have unique UOM.

EDIT: I’m sorry I didn’t test this other than seeing if the system would let me add the parent/template item to the putaway rule.

That would be pretty useful if Putway rules could be defined for “Item Group” (and not only single items), and also adding a “Warehouse type” (new Doctype linked to the Warehouse) that would allow to classify storage locations, and of course being also selectable in the Putaway rules (to avoid creating one tule for each location when warehouse are also structured as “bins”)